Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Fat to Fearless® program different from other weight loss products?

A: Other weight loss programs focus on the symptoms of being chronically overweight, which is exercise and nutrition. The Fat to Fearless program understands that knowledge about how to eat and exercise isn’t the problem, the emotions and cravings that drive you to eat badly and give up on your exercise program and diet are. Using a combination of cutting-edge neural technologies, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) and a deep understanding about what motivates us to turn to food to feel better, the Fat to Fearless® program focuses on resolving the root cause of the issues related to yo–yo dieting and being chronically overweight. As a result, you not only lose weight and keep it off but you find that the same issues that caused you to be overweight were holding you back in other areas of life as well. The end result of the Fat to Fearless® program is not just a healthier and slimmer body, but higher self-esteem and a better life.

Q: What are some of the results I can expect on the Fat to Fearless® program?

A: You can expect to lose weight without the self-condemnation, negative voice in your head, and feelings of being out of control of your behavior while also noticing a continuous improvement in your self-esteem, level of daily happiness, and the feeling of being in control of your emotions and behaviors.

While the Fat to Fearless® program encourages permanent weight loss from the inside out as opposed to rapid weight loss that is quickly regained, results tend to be faster than expected, and because you’re changing your behaviors at a subconscious level the changes to your body and mind last!

Q: Is hypnosis part of the program? Can you explain a little about that?

A: Yes, Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the parts of the Fat to Fearless® program that creates such rapid results. Unfortunately, what most people know about hypnosis is from television and the movies, which is predominantly fiction.

One of the biggest myths is that hypnosis can be used to “control your mind” and make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. This is completely false. During hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind but are still in control of everything that’s happening to you. Since your inability to lose weight and keep it off stems from a conflict between your conscious and subconscious minds, Clinical Hypnotherapy is a means of aligning those two parts of yourself to enable you to reach your permanent weight loss goals without self sabotage.

Another misconception is that some people can’t be hypnotized. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and it’s simply a matter of practice. Just like some people are more athletic naturally, everyone can become more athletic through practice. Hypnosis works the same way. As you follow the instructions in the audio sessions you get better at going into hypnosis every time. As a matter fact, every time you listen to the audio program you will find it easier to go faster and deeper into hypnosis no matter where you’re starting from. That being said, most people find it easy to reach the hypnotherapeutic state from day one.

Another misconception is that hypnosis just doesn’t work. While it’s true a lot of people don’t see results from hypnosis, that’s primarily due to the lack of standardized credentials in the industry resulting in many people seeing practitioners without state licensed diplomas whose level of skill doesn’t match what they need to get results. In reality, not only is hypnosis endorsed by every major medical association in the world, studies have shown it to be significantly more effective and faster for resolving deep issues than psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. The Fat to Fearless® book goes into these studies in detail.

Q: What are some of the other processes, technologies and tools used in the program?

A: The Fat to Fearless® program is so effective because it uses a combination of the most effective ways ever developed of creating quick and lasting change at the subconscious and conscious level. In addition to cognitive behavioral work and hypnotherapy, the program uses neuro-linguistic programming, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping), neural encoding technologies (brainwave entrainment) as well as neuro-associative techniques for immediately changing states and stopping cravings.

Q: What is the success rate of the Fat to Fearless® program?

A: It is impossible to commit yourself to the Fat to Fearless® program and not experience results in the way you feel about your self-esteem, food and your body. Likewise, since our behaviors are motivated by our emotions, you can’t change these things as they relate to food without seeing behavioral changes that also results in physical changes to your body.

The program works for every single individual that works the program. That is the key to success: working the program. If you don’t take the time to do the lessons and listen to the hypnotherapeutic audio sessions then you won’t get results, but if you do, results are guaranteed.

Q: Is the program very complicated to follow?

A: One of the great things about the Fat to Fearless® program is that it has been created to be very simple and easy to follow. Every step of the program is backed up with easy to follow workbook exercises, video or audio instructions, and thoroughly explained in the book. All you have to do is bring to the program your desire to lose weight, keep it off and improve your overall life to see results.

Q: Is this the same program you personally used to lose over 120 pounds and keep it off?

A: Yes! It was my own inability to lose weight and keep it off despite having several advanced credentials in nutrition and fitness that caused me to turn towards understanding the emotional and psychological reasons for weight loss self sabotage. It was from this understanding that I developed the Fat to Fearless® program, first to achieve long-term success with myself, and then with thousands of clients afterwards over the past 18 years. The program is always evolving and improving and the great thing is that when you invest in yourself with the Fat to Fearless® program you receive ongoing updates free.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes! My commitment to you is that if you try the Fat to Fearless program for 30 days, listening to the audio sessions and completing the workbook exercises, and see no results in the way you feel and behave related to food and your body I will give you a full refund.