Private Sessions

The fastest way to create powerful change is one-on-one private sessions with Asher over Skype or in his office. In these completely private sessions, you and Asher will explore the deepest emotional roots of your issues with food and emotional eating while completely customizing the Fat to Fearless® program to you and your needs.

If interested in private sessions with Asher, please the link below to the complete the form requesting a free consultation to determine if this is the best option for you.

Click Here for information on Private Sessions over Skype

Asher conducts in-person sessions at his Orlando office at his Orlando Hypnotherapy Clinic. You can find the address to the clinic at

Semi-Private Online Group Sessions

Personal Assistance through the Fat to Fearless® program can not only keep you on track and ensure you are experiencing the results you want, but when combined with a group program, will also add the power of accountability and support to help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Fat to Fearless® group coaching program is 8 weekly 1.5 hour sessions done online, or over the telephone, during which you will learn to more fully customize the Fat to Fearless® program for your personal situation and lifestyle.

  • Learn “Shortcuts” to create subconscious changes that fuel faster weight loss
  • Learn to instantly stop cravings and stress eating with Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) for weight loss.
  • Have your personal questions answered as you go through the program

Special Limited Time Opportunity: For a limited time the Fat to Fearless Online Group Coaching Program will be taught by the author of the Fat to Fearless® program himself, Asher Fox, CHt, Sc.B.

Currently, some of the top health coaches in the world are being trained to conduct these group coaching sessions with the Asher Fox-Fat to Fearless® system. This is a very limited time opportunity to work with Asher Fox personally in a group coaching environment.

The Fat to Fearless® Group Coaching Program Includes

  • 8 one and a half Hour Group Sessions that you can participate in with either your computer or a telephone.
  • EFT for Weight Loss Manual & Guide
  • EFT for Weight Loss Demonstration Videos

Limited Time Bonus #1:

One Hour Telephone/Skype Weight Loss Therapy Session with Asher Fox Personally. During this session Asher will work with you to:

  • Uncover your hidden negative core beliefs that have held you back from permanent weight loss.
  • Create custom suggestions for you to use with the Fat to Fearless® program and your Subliminal Life Sculpting™ Software.
  • Answer any personal questions you may have about how the program applies to your life.

$250 FREE

Limited Time Bonus #2:

When you choose the single pay option Asher Fox will use the custom weight loss suggestions that he created with you during your personal session with him to create a personal customized Hypnotherapy audio session complete with your specific goal weight.

$150 FREE

Program Investment

Regular Price: $1497

Today’s Investment:

2 payments of $497 or one payment of $797