is a revolutionary mind/body system
that utilizes the power of your subconscious mind,
to help you lose weight permanently
while dramatically improving your
self-esteem & quality of life.




Fat to Fearless, the Book

Over 300 pages of detailed instruction, guidance and testimonials

  • Module 1: Understanding Your Conscious & Subconscious Mind and Weight Loss
  • Module 2: Your Beliefs and Your Body
  • Module 3: Changing Your Body Beliefs
  • Module 4: Eating, your Emotions, and Permanent Weight Loss
  • Module 5: Living Fearlessly in Your New Body!

Success Guide & Workbooks

Interactive Workbook: Integrates with the Fat to Fearless Book and Hypnotherapy CDs to produce powerful changes in the way you feel about food, your body and YOU, to shift you from feeling Fat to living life Fearlessly in your new body!

Inner Dialogue Journal: Provides space to communicate directly with the part of you that’s been sabotaging your weight loss efforts and holding you back, and get it working for you (using the Fat to Fearless process), so that you can finally achieve permanent weight loss success.

Interactive Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions

10 Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions: These 20 to 30 minute audio sessions allow your conscious mind to interact directly with your subconscious, so you can understand what’s been holding you back and clear those blocks for good.





Weight Loss Mastery: In this session, I will put you into hypnosis and deliver targeted commands to your subconscious to change your eating habits, activity level, and feelings about losing weight, while generating incredible motivation!

Subconscious Body Sculpting: In this session we will use the power of your deep inner mind to change your Internal Body Image, so that it matches the external body you desire. This will allow your subconscious to motivate you towards behaviour that will lead to the body of your dreams.
Mental Metabolic Accelerator: Your subconscious mind controls your autonomic nervous system, which includes your metabolism. In this session I will use a specific set of techniques to not only program a higher metabolic rate, but also give you conscious tools to increase your daily energy level.
Inner Child Transformation: One of the most powerful experiences in the entire program! In this session, you will travel into your subconscious to meet your “Inner Child”, the emotional part of you that uses food to feel better, and learn to satisfy it in other, healthier ways (so you can end emotional eating for good).
Craving Control: In this session, the power of your subconscious mind is used with both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help eliminate cravings and give you control over your own urges to eat unhealthy food!
Weight Loss Thermostat: We all have an internal “setpoint”, which is a pre-set weight that your body doesn’t want to go below. You may have experienced this in the past when all of a sudden weight loss stops, despite your best efforts. In this session, we will use your subconscious mind with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Timeline Therapy to change this metabolic-body setpoint to match your goal weight.
Parts Therapy: Sometimes it feels like you are at war with yourself! “Part” of you wants to stick to your diet and “Part” of you wants to eat unhealthy food! In this session, you will delve into your subconscious and dialogue with these parts and end this internal conflict, so that you will easily make the right food and exercise choices moving forward.
Hidden Benefits Blaster: In the Fat to Fearless® program you will learn that there are often hidden subconscious benefits to staying overweight (it seems crazy, but it’s true!). In this session you will uncover these powerful stumbling blocks to your weight loss success, and remove them so that you can STOP the unconscious self-sabotage!
Fitness Fun & Exercise Passion: Whether it’s walking, exercising at home, joining a health club, or just increasing your overall activity level; this session will unlock the keys to motion motivation by eliminating past blocks – and linking activity with your deep desire to live life fearlessly, while moving towards your goal weight!
Weight Loss Subliminals: This series of pleasing audios features music and the sounds of nature, encoded with Isochronic and subliminal technology that is designed to deliver commands directly to your subconscious. The result is that you will increase your motivation and willpower, and ultimately look and feel better than ever.


Video Learning Modules

20 High Quality Video Lessons where you will discover how to tap into the incredible weight loss power of your subconscious mind and personalize this program to your unique life circumstances. This is a powerful video resource library you can constantly refer back to for further insights and additional motivation.

  • Each module is broken down into simple, easy to understand concepts that you can apply immediately to your life.
  • Exercises are explained with examples and demonstrations with live clients.

Subliminal Life Sculpting Software™

With Asher Fox’s Subliminal Life Sculpting Software™ you will program your subconscious mind for weight loss success every minute you are in front of your computer. Designed to work with the Fat to Fearless® system, you simply input the custom beliefs you want to create using this program, and let this software do the work!

  • Improve your willpower while you are paying your bills
  • Reduce cravings while surfing the net
  • Increase motivation while playing games

The best part about the Subliminal Life Sculpting Software™ is that after you reach your goal weight, you can use it to program your subconscious mind to accomplish all of your other goals!


Instant Digital Access

The entire Fat to Fearless® program will be instantly available to you through instant digital access to the members-only section of the Fat to Fearless® website. Here, you will not only have access to all course materials and downloads, but Free program updates as well!


For a limited time, when you get started losing weight now with the Fat to Fearless® system you will also receive the following three Hypnotherapy programs:

f2f-bonus1Perfect Sleep: This Clinical Hypnotherapy session is designed to help you relax and get a healing, restful, and restorative nights sleep. Great for ending insomnia!

Stress Free Life: This Clinical Hypnotherapy session will rid your body of stored anxiety and stress, while programming your subconscious mind to more easily “let things go.” Stress is a major factor in both weight gain and most serious health issues. Begin letting go and feeling better today!

Prosperity Power: During this session, we will clear your limiting beliefs about money, and reprogram your subconscious for financial abundance. This Hypnotherapy session can be a powerful step towards becoming a Money Magnet!


When you choose the single payment option for the Fat to Fearless® program, you
will receive a FREE one-on-one 30 minute phone or Skype session with
the author, Subconscious Behaviorist, Medical Exercise Specialist, and
Weight Loss Expert Asher Fox. During this powerful session, Asher
will use powerful Neuro-associative techniques to uncover your
personal subconscious blocks to weight loss, which you can use
with the Fat to Fearless® system, to more quickly experience
the weight loss success you deserve!



This is the Same Program I used to Lose over 120lbs and keep it off as well as help 1000’s of clients do the same!

This program is the most comprehensive approach to dealing with emotional eating that I have ever created. Over 18 years of experience in creating permanent weight loss success stores went into the creation of this revolutionary mind/body weight loss system!

Retail Price: $497


One Payment of $247

or 3 Payments of $97

Yes I’m Ready to Lose Weight

and Live Life Fearlessly!

The Program

purple-check Complete Fat to Fearless® Book/Manual Over 300 Life-Changing Pages.
purple-check Succorkbook to personalize the program to your exact needs.
purple-check Inner Dialogue Journal to open a direct conversation with your subconscious mind, and heal the part of you that eats to feel better.
purple-check 20 Tutorial videos that walk you through the entire Fat to Fearless® process, step-by-step.
purple-check 10 Interactive Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions with neural-change technology.
purple-check Subliminal Life Sculpting Software™, so you can continue to reprogram your subconscious while you work and play on your computer!

Bonuses (Limited Time Only)

purple-check Perfect Sleep Hypnotherapy Audio Session
purple-check Stress Free Life Hypnotherapy Audio Session $47 FREE
purple-check Prosperity Power Hypnotherapy Audio Session $47 FREE
purple-check 30 Minute Private Skype or Phone session with the author* $197 FREE

*When you choose the single-payment option.

A Motivating Guarantee: My money back guarantee is designed to not give you an easy “out”, but motivate you forward to permanent weight loss success…

If you fully participate in the Fat to Fearless® program for 14-Days you will begin seeing incredible changes in the way you feel about food, yourself, and your eating behaviors.

If you go through the program, listening to your Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions while reading the book, watching the tutorial videos, and completing the workbook exercises and don’t begin experiencing significant changes that you know are leading to ending your lifelong struggle with body fat, I will give you a full refund!

I’m doing this because I want you to succeed

It’s simple. If you are ready to begin this program then this will be your “line in the sand.” Either you are serious this time about permanent weight loss and will follow the program and go through the steps, or if you don’t do the exercises, you must face that creating permanent weight loss isn’t something you are serious about. I want to help you be serious about it by motivating you to follow through with this 14 day money back guarantee.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care or mental health professional and is not intended as medical advice or psychological counseling.