“My experiences with Asher Fox and Fat to Fearless has been life changing and one of the most positive experiences. I made the decision to begin the Fat to Fearless program for weight loss. I knew that my eating and weight gain stemmed from emotional issues that needed to be corrected. Dieting, weight loss pills and attempting self control were not working. Within three weeks, my emotional issues had been addressed, I was happier, more relaxed and grounded than I have been in my adult life and I no longer feel the need to binge eat. I have been steadily losing weight without stressing over it, obsessing over it and feeling like it is a struggle.

This is so much more cost effective and efficient than weight loss clinics or diet pills. I am not saying the program is only good for weight loss, I have been able to resolve issues stemming from my childhood, helping me improve my overall well being and relationships with others. My self confidence has improved and I am making better decisions. Asher Fox is a compassionate individual that truly cares about others. I highly recommend Asher Fox and the Fat to Fearless program!”

- Marcie. R.

“So originally I began the Fat to Fearless as a means to reach my weight loss goals. The experience evolved into a multi-purpose life makeover that uncovered and addressed situations, topics, feelings, emotions, and areas of my life that had lead to my weight gain and behaviors. Hands down, coming from someone who has tried multiple weight loss programs, Asher Fox’s Fat to Fearless program is amazing. Since beginning the program I have lost a total of 24 pounds!”

- Brittany R.

“My experience with Fat to Fearless has been wonderful. I have made more progress with Asher Fox’s program in six months than I have in seven years with two different therapists working on my weight issues. I have made great strides with my weight loss challenges, my self confidence and my personal relationship. Fat to Fearless and Asher Fox has helped me resolve issues that I have been dealing with since I was a young child. If you are looking to overcome serious issues that are preventing you from losing weight and living your best life, Asher Fox will show you an obtainable path and a workable plan.”

- Heather W.